DNA Industrial Hygiene offers asbestos assessment services.

We provide assistance with your compliance programs.  The Policy & Procedure manual  requires outside inspection services from a licensed CAC or CSST.  We of course provide that service.  Contact kasra@cihcsp.com or 800-644-1924 X 106 to schedule work site inspections.

If you need a Procedure V plan for the SCAQMD contact dan@cihcsp.com 800-644-1924 X 103  to provide a Procedure V.

We provide OSHA and AQMD Defense services.  It is critical that you contact us immediately and permit us to file the appropriate appeals and responses to either a Citation, NOV or other agency notice.  Call 800-644-1924 Rebekka is there to help you during regular business hours 9 to 5 every weekday. 
Other wise leave a voice message the system will find the person you left the message for and send them an email.  We will get back to you!

We are licensed in California and Nevada, and we can help make your job profitable and safe. 
More information at HTTP://www.dnacih.com

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